CDFI Grant Funds Help You Help More Members

The Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) designation was created to help low and moderate income communities. Hundreds of credit unions in the US are CDFI certified.

QCash was created to help the “little guy.” We don’t use credit scores to approve small dollar loans. Instead, we look at a person’s relationship with their credit union. After all, a person is more than their credit score.

For more information about CDFI certification or grant writing please reach out to our partners at Inclusiv, CU Strategic Planning and Your Credit Union Partner.

We’re Here To Help

According to the US Department of Treasury, CDFI grant funds can be used to support eligible activities. QCash small dollar lending qualifies for CDFI grant funds, specifically loan loss reserves and technical assistance. We’re here to help you bring some of these grant dollars to your community and implement small dollar loans for your members.

We Partner with People Who Understand the CDFI Grant Process

If you would like more information please reach out to us.

When life happens to your members, Life Event Loans help them stay afloat with a 24/7 access, no credit check, and instant deposits to their credit union account.

Give your members quick access to an unsecured loan for things like school expenses, vacations, and more. Or run special loan promotions for Amazon Prime Day, COVID relief, and natural disasters. Best of all, these loans are automated and frictionless for you.

Whether you want to offer a signature loan or a special pre-approved credit card offer, QCash can help make it happen with our 24/7 online application process.