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CDFI Grant Funds help you help more members.

Since its establishment in 1994, the Community Development Financial Institution Fund, or CDFI Fund, has played a key role in cultivating economic growth in scores of neighborhoods and regions around the United States.

QCash, in valued partnership with Inclusiv, wishes to inform and empower your credit union with the practical steps necessary to apply for CDFI status with our joint CDFI Certification and Grant Overview Toolkit. This toolkit covers all the info of which your credit union needs to be aware — what it means to be a low income-designated credit union, the specific process of CDFI certification, and the intricate details of the grant-writing process.
To bring that kind of hope and opportunity into your credit union community, please download QCash and Inclusiv’s CDFI Certification and Grant Overview Toolkit, and offer renewed financial hope for your neighborhoods and greater communities!

QCash Partners Offering CDFI Resources and Application Support

Understanding the CDFI Grant process.

According to the U.S. Department of Treasury, CDFI grant funds can be used to support eligible activities. QCash small-dollar lending qualifies for CDFI grant funds, specifically loan loss reserves and technical assistance. We’re here to help you bring some of these grant dollars to your community and implement small-dollar loans for your members.

We partner with people who understand the CDFI Grant process.

If you would like more information contact us.

When life happens to your members, Life Event Loans help them outside your credit union with a 24/7 access, no credit check, and instant deposits to their credit union account. Things like accidents, illness, injury, pet emergencies, home and auto repairs, or even 'more month than money' should not drive your members elsewhere.

Give your members quick access to an unsecured loan for things like back-to-school, vacations, and holidays. You can also run special loan promotions for Black Friday, Amazon Prime Day, home improvement projects, and tax relief. Best of all, these loans are fully automated and give your members the funds they need in under 60 seconds.

Whether your region is faced with flooding, wildfire, health, or economic crisis, your members can come to you for help when and where they need it. Be their financial first responder!