“To empower financial institutions in their quest to improve the financial wellness of their communities.”

We are a purpose-driven FinTech firm. Our innovative and award-winning SaaS-based products are leading this global movement. We aim to eliminate financial stress and empower financial wellness.


“Our values define who we are and how we operate.”

We believe in a culture that inspires and is rooted in the foundation of well-being, innovation and growth. It’s good for our clients, and it’s good for us.

We believe in people helping people. To this end, we are strengthening the financial future of families and the communities they live in by offering inclusive products designed to expand economic security and opportunity. Our team has an unwavering dedication and belief that every person has the capability to create and achieve lasting financial health if given the right tools and resources.

Our clients believe in this, too. They realize the mobile-first experiences we deliver are expected by today’s financial consumers and have the power to make a difference toward building financial wellness, stability and resilience. Financial health matters.

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Seth Brickman, Chief Executive Officer

CU Insight