Meet Your Members Where They Are

Help your members in the midst of their time of need with affordable and accessible life event loans that keep them in your credit union and away from other lenders. Consider helping your members in the following ways:

Life Event Loans

Specialty Loans

Financial First Responder Loans

Pre-Approved Loans

Simple Lending Process

The platform is not limited to traditional small dollar loans, and can also be used to automate other unsecured pre-approved loans and personal loans.

We leverage QCash automated technology to efficiently support relationship-based, pre-approved loan offers.

When life happens to your members, Life Event Loans help them stay afloat with a 24/7 access, no credit check, and instant deposits to their credit union account. Things like accidents, illness, injury, pet emergencies, home and auto repairs, or even 'more month than money' should not drive your members to risky lending sources.

Give your members quick access to an unsecured loan for things like school expenses and vacations. Or run special loan promotions for Black Friday, Amazon Prime Day, home improvement projects, and tax relief. Best of all, these loans are automated and frictionless for you.

Whether your region is faced with flooding, wildfire, health, or economic crisis, your members can come to you for help when and where they need it. Be their financial first responder!

Make your pre-approved loan campaigns frictionless, so you become the go-to resources for your most financially responsible members. Loan invitation and instant fulfillment for specific groups with specific needs. QCash can help make it happen with our 24/7 online application process.

Simple, fast and efficient way to meet our member’s short term financial needs

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