Life Event Loans help vulnerable members currently using high-cost, alternative lending options. Typically, having less than a few hundred dollars in savings, these members struggle to make ends meet.

The need seems obvious. So why aren’t more members using your small dollar loan program? Typically, members don’t expect a safe, fast option like this from their credit union.

Together, we can communicate that QCash Loans are affordable, responsible, and easy to use. Life Event Loans are the first step toward getting out of a predatory debt cycle, moving members toward a brighter financial future!

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Hectic schedules cause many people (especially mobile users) to prefer watching short videos instead of reading articles. A well-made video can build trust and credibility – highlighting the humanity behind the brand by showcasing your company’s mission. Explainer videos can simplify complex products and services. According to Precision Marketing Group in an article on the benefits of video marketing, ninety percent of users say that product videos are helpful in their decision process. The cost to customize a video for your credit union ranges between $150 and $250. Advanced color changes are $450.

Life Event Loans are fast and easy to use. Let’s make them easy to understand.

Life Event Loans

Life events are never convenient and usually have a significant financial impact. Show members how quickly and easily they can get financial help when they need it most.

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How do Life Event Loans work?

This short video shows members the process of getting a Life Event Loan — anytime, anywhere.

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Specialty Loans

Don’t miss out on a great opportunity because things are a little tight this month. Try a Specialty Loan that is both affordable and builds good credit. We call that a win-win situation.

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Specialty Loan – Social Cut 1

Need a video short for social media? Here is a great option to share your loan with members.

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Specialty Loan – Social Cut 2

This video short is perfect to share on social media to create awareness with your members.

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Life Event Loans

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Member Story: Deanne

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Member Story: Jason

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Advertising – Digital and Print

Digital marketing creates powerful opportunities to tell your story and share available resources with your members. Through compelling ads on various devices and platforms, you can reach more members in real-time.
Digital ads allow you to know exactly who clicked on your content, opened it, liked it, shared it, and more. Because digital advertising moves quickly — often with real-time results and metrics — you may find that it helps make your outreach campaigns cost-effective and immediately impactful.

Depending on your audience and context, print marketing is another excellent way to reach members. Print marketing is tried and tested, authentic, and trustworthy. Postcards are a tangible and personal form of print marketing that can remind your members you are thinking of them and you are here to help.




Black Friday

Short on cash

More month than money

Unexpected Move


Black Friday

Branch Flyers

A visual representation of information, data, or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly is the perfect way to dig into the details. Infographics improve understanding by utilizing graphics to enhance member’s ability to see patterns and trends. Consider sharing a big picture process with video, yet getting very specific through the use of infographics.

We create striking, engaging visuals to help communicate small dollar loan information quickly and clearly to members.

Credit Repair


Unexpected Repairs


Summer Break


Launch Announcement Letter

Dear First Name:

We’re excited to tell you about a brand new loan called [Product Name]. This loan is ideal if you need a quick solution for financial emergencies or unexpected expenses.

Here are the benefits of our new offering:

  • No credit report needed
  • Quick application and approval process through Online Banking
  • Borrow between $500 and $2,000
  • Repayment terms of 12 to 24 months

If this sounds like something that would be helpful to you, apply today by logging in to Online Banking. Click the “Apply” tab, then “Loans.” “Request a [Product Name]” is listed under the Personal Loans heading. Please enter “CODE” in the promo code field on the application. If you don’t have Online Banking, you can register on our website at []. Just look for the Online Banking registration link in the upper right-hand corner of our homepage.

For additional details, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions at [] by typing “[Product Name] FAQs” in the search field. If you have questions, please e-mail us at [email address].


Name President/CEO

Learn More

Landing Page

When life happens, we are here for you.

Whether you need a little extra cash for college, groceries, an emergency car repair, or anything in between, a QCash Loan can help. In under 60 seconds, you can get money when you need it most deposited right into your account; no credit check required!

QCash Life Event Loans can help you build or repair your credit and are a smart alternative to high-interest loans. Features and requirements include:

• Loans up to $2,000 with a fixed 6-month term
• Must be a member for 90 days
• Must be 18 years or older
• 28% interest rate
• $20.00 application fee
• No credit check
• Instant loan decision
• Can be used to build or repair credit

It’s easy to apply for a QCash Loan! Do it anytime, anywhere, via online or mobile banking.

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