Our innovative software as a service lending platform provides credit unions and banks the ability to offer mobile lending products their customers have come to expect. It’s your brand powered by QCash®. Patent Pending.

Fee-based, small dollar lending platform

Our QCash® product gives your financial institution the ability to automate a
small dollar, fee-based loan option typically between $50 and $700. Patent Pending.

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Interest-based, small dollar lending platform

Our QCash Plus® product gives your financial institution the ability to automate a small dollar, interest-based loan option typically between $701 and $4,000. Patent Pending.

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Pre-approval loan platform

We leverage our business process automation capability to support pre-approved loan offers with the same efficiency and automation. Patent Pending.

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Financial Wellness Platform

We are a pioneer in a ground-breaking product that brings cognitive behavioral therapy to financial health.


CBT is a proven form of psychotherapy seeking to identify, challenge and modify behaviors and thoughts.


In-the-moment feedback in the form of education, support and personalized messages help the app users become more aware of their financial behaviors.


The app usage information is paired with a financial coach to provide individualized guidance.


Our world is at an inflection point, with technology transforming
our clients, our profession, and society at large.

By the numbers

406 K +
Loans Funded*
264 M +
Total Loaned*
1.4 M +
Account Holders with Access
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*Since inception


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personal lending

How “6 Clicks in 60 Seconds” Is Transforming Lending

Digital and automated banking has had many in traditional banking hearing footsteps these days. The personal credit lending industry is gaining momentum once again, and with fintech accounting for over a third of the personal loan balances in the U.S. (TransUnion), digital disruptors have had traditional banks and credit unions on the defensive.
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QCash Financial’s Heidi and Amanda Talk New Version 6.7

William Pollard once said, "Learning and innovation go hand in hand.” We focus on that mindset every day to deliver the best small dollar lending product possible to our clients. And we have listened to our clients, who have given us great ideas on how to simplify and continue to evolve our platform. Our latest upgrade, version 6.7, is designed to...
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