The QCash Financial Wellness App

The QCash Financial Wellness App supports your credit union’s members so they can achieve financial stability and resiliency through real-time behavior feedback, personalized learning and one-on-one financial coaching.

The app was developed using a population health management platform designed to manage user data and create behavior changes that can increase users’ financial health. Based on principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), the app aims to understand users’ relationship to money management and create an environment where they can learn principles of long-term financial health in a way that suits their individual needs.

Several layers of carefully designed sensors within the app detect users’ activity, actions and conditions. This data is then used to decide which articles, surveys, quizzes, videos and infographics will best support the user’s learning at each stage of their financial education and growth.

Credit unions that offer QCash small dollar loans can share this app with their members to help set them on the long-term path to better overall financial health, with the ultimate goal of using education to put an end to the predatory debt cycle.

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17% of Americans are financially vulnerable. Many don’t have emergency funds to cover a $400 unexpected expense. An even larger portion of Americas need help becoming financially stable and resilient.

17% of American are financially vulnerable

55% of American are financially “coping”

81% of Americans experience some stress related to their finances

Data from U.S. Financial Health Pulse

In response, QCash Financial consulted with CFSI, Common Cents Lab and Currency Marketing to explore ways to help members truly achieve financial stability.


A Digital Financial Therapy Solution

The QCash Financial app was founded around principles of cognitive behavioral therapy and behavioral economics. It combines technical and financial competence with behavioral coaching and counseling.

This app supports members based on their actual behavior, meeting them where they are, rather than where we think they should be.
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How it Works

 Identify the member population to target.

Choose channels for distribution.

 Members opt into the program.

 Participating members…

  • Set a financial goal
  • Get real-time feedback and customized learning
  • Get personal financial coaching to meet their goal

You can measure & quantify behavior change across your member base

Participating members not only improve their financial stability and resiliency–they are now able to take advantage of products previously beyond their reach.

“We are transporting cognitive behavioral technology known as digital health therapies from the medical field into financial services.”



Help your members
develop their own financial resilience.

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