How credit unions can maximize financial inclusion for members

Here is a statistic to grab your attention: Underserved consumers spent $189 billion on fees and interest across five financial product categories in 2018 that included short-term credit. It shouldn’t come as a surprise when the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI) estimates that 57 percent of consumers in the United States, 138 million adults, […]
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How CDFIs represent what is possible for underserved communities

“CDFIs, at the heart of it, are community lenders. If you think about where banks step out, CDFIs step in. They deliver responsible capital where it is needed in a very place-based, community-first approach. Most CDFIs are nonprofits and there is tremendous alignment around ensuring their borrowers are successful. They win when community wins.”  Catherine Berman, […]
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How Your Credit Union Can Join the Fight for Financial Inclusion

The fight for greater financial inclusion and stability in America has begun for millions of consumers following the pandemic that has pervaded industries, neighborhoods, and families in fundamental ways.  According to Pew Research in March 2021, about 50 percent of all adults who are not retired claim the pandemic has made it harder for them to reach […]
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Digital small dollar lending programs can help creidt unions give their members access to tools that can improve their financial health.

How Cash Flow Data Can Boost Members’ Financial Health

In the last couple weeks, QCash Financial advocated for credit unions to adopt a digital small dollar lending program for their 2021 budgets. There’s never been a more critical time to pull out all the stops and market these important assets to help your members achieve the liquidity and take the steps toward financial health […]
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