2021 Brings New Financial Inclusion Opportunities To Credit Unions

Last year was tumultuous for members, but relatively stable for the credit unions themselves. Credit unions are starting to look at the new year with adjusted budgets and inspiring initiatives. They effectively changed the way they serve their members while strategically navigating devastating economic hurdles. Unfortunately, not every American gets to experience the sensation of […]
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Digital small dollar lending programs can help creidt unions give their members access to tools that can improve their financial health.

How Cash Flow Data Can Boost Members’ Financial Health

In the last couple weeks, QCash Financial advocated for credit unions to adopt a digital small dollar lending program for their 2021 budgets. There’s never been a more critical time to pull out all the stops and market these important assets to help your members achieve the liquidity and take the steps toward financial health […]
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How to Protect Against the Debt Trap

This past summer, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) relaxed regulations on predatory payday loans and other high-interest-rate lending. A surprising move during a global pandemic recession, this ruling further endangers the financial health of some of America’s most vulnerable communities. Until these protections are restored, payday alternative loans (PAL) and other small dollar loans […]
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