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Emerging CDFIs and those certified are lending deeper and creating a more significant and meaningful impact in their communities.

In this webinar, you will hear from a diverse group of knowledgeable and experienced credit union insiders who are leading the future of digital transformation for financial cooperatives nationwide, including Dave Prosser, SVP at Freedom First Credit Union, Dayton Hughes, Consumer Lending Operations Manager at Seattle Credit Union, Justin Cousins, COO at Peoples Advantage Federal Credit Union, and James Collins, CEO at O Bee Credit Union.

Together, these accomplished credit union pros will share best practices, valuable lessons learned, and successful strategies they employed, including how they approached CDFI certification, how CDFI status benefits their larger organizational goals, and how QCash small-dollar lending represents a valuable part of these goals.

Watch as Alison Carr, CSO at Your Credit Union Partner, moderates this masterclass on key CDFI strategies that can inspire your cooperative to reach higher in your mission and your members further in their journeys to achieve secure financial well-being.

This webinar was hosted by CUNA Strategic Services and QCash.

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