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A message from Seth Brickman, QCash CEO:

When you set out to innovate and grow in the credit union industry, and particularly in the challenging digital small-dollar loan space, it requires a deep passion and focus on the mission as well as a shared vision of success across a lot of individuals. So, when you achieve a new milestone, you get that “mission accomplished” sense of pride and gratitude knowing you are living out “people helping people” and making the credit union industry a beacon for members to get the help they need.

I have experienced that sensation several times in my career – as a nuclear engineering supervisor in the U.S. Navy, as a leader of high-performing technical teams at Amazon, Microsoft, and Carnival Corporation, and certainly now with the persistent and focused team at QCash Financial.

Most of all, however, I am overwhelmingly thankful for the dynamic and forward-thinking credit unions around the country who have gone on mission with us to make life-changing small-dollar loans accessible to over 9.3 million members. Together, we are privileged to help on average over 22,000 families and keep them from the debilitating trap of predatory lending each and every month. 

In the last few weeks, QCash has achieved another banner moment: welcoming 100 new clients to the family in the last two-and-a-half years! When I joined the QCash team in 2021, the CUSO proudly supported 25 credit union clients. Today, that number now surpasses 125. I’m honored to have supported this growth, but it’s the credit unions that deserve the praise. They believed in the power of QCash’s automated, digital lending solution to create positive change in their communities, to help people deal with life events that required financial help and, most importantly, to give members a lifeline to keep them out of predatory lending and in the safety of the credit union. 

This momentum speaks to the tremendous progress we are making in the fight for financial inclusion and serving the banking underserved. We are marking a new era in which more Americans have better, more affordable, and instantaneous access to responsible small-dollar lending solutions from their credit union.

Congratulations, again, to our 125 credit union partners on another remarkable achievement and thank you for your support of QCash. Every day, together, we are truly living out “people helping people.”

If your credit union community is in need of a digital small-dollar loan program, we invite you to Request a Demo and see what QCash is all about!